Absolutely the Best Pet Sitter by Busy professional - After using several pet sitter services, I was incredibly fortunate to meet Deb. Words cannot explain how professional, loving, caring and dependable she is. My (rescue) dog was very distrustful of people. Deb brought her out of her shell. She no longer fears people; she is playful and happy. She is a totally different dog now, thanks to Deb. Deb goes above and beyond the call of duty. For example, when my plane arrived late one evening, I was worried about my dog. I needn't have been. Deb had called to make sure that I'd arrived home. When she couldn't reach me, she came over and took care of my dog. Imagine that! Deb is such a dedicated professional; I don't know what I would do without her. I wholeheartedly recommend The Canine Nanny

Deb is beyond professional, caring and reliable. by Downtown Atttorney - We had the great fortune of having Deb come into our and our dog's life about a year ago. We have a very old dog with special needs. Deb's utmost responsiveness, reliability and professionalism consistently exceed our expectations. I could not provide a higher recommendation for someone to walk, sit, care for a pet.

Deb knows dog behavior by LP - Deb, the owner, really knows dogs. She makes sure they get the exercise they need, is very reliable, timely, and communicates well with owners. I would not be able to keep my dog if it were not for The Canine Nanny  

We are very impressed with Debbie by Tina and David Nelsom Busy Professionals -She not only loves animals and have bonded to our two Siamese, but she is a consummate professional. Unlike some other pet-sitting services which only tout their love for animals, Debbie has both the love for animals and the ability to be prompt, provide written narratives, provide additional services ( such as dusting around our cats’ litter box ) and is available via cell phone and email for updates if needed. She is also a masterful scheduler- a trait which is very important in coordinating with us re: our periodic trips out of town. We highly recommend her and remain confident that you will find her services to exceed your expectations."

Deb is Fabulous -The Rowe Family

"We've never hired a dog walker / pet sitter before but found ourselves in a predicament as we approached a three week vacation and found neither of our grown children would be able to watch our ten year old beagle Cosmo. We were referred to Deb, met one evening and Cosmo bonded with her immediately. Four days into our three week trip, Deb came by for the daily walk and found that Cosmo had rummaged through a small duffel bag of our house sitters, ripped open a box of cold tablets and had consumed an unknown quantity. Deb observed his odd behavior and took immediate action by taking him to his vet to be checked out. If she had not done so, Cosmo may not be with us today because the number of tablets he had eaten was a lethal dose. Deb's obvious love of animals and her competent care saved our family from possibly losing our valued pet and family member.

We have hired her a few times since and she is always willing to work with our schedules and give Cosmo the love and attention he needs. We would highly recommend her as a new friend for your pets. Thank-you Deb! You are fabulous!"

"If you have a senior dog, Deb is your answer"! Tom & Lisa DiGiorgio -"You can still go on vacation and not worry in the least! She has been a complete godsend for our family! Our 15 ½ year old standard poodle needs extra care because of his arthritis and tendency to have vertigo. We completely trust Deb with his care. She goes beyond our expectations and is better than any dog walker/sitter we have ever had in the past 15 years. She not only really cares about our dog she has an excellent sense about what is best for our dog. In addition she is an excellent business woman and Superb communicator. Hire Deb! She will do what ever it takes to keep your dog smiling in his old age!"   

Three Siblings and their father-Richard Lobel

We are Stewie, Morty, and Violet, three sibling kitties who have known Deb

since we were kittens. Our dad has to go on trips sometimes. Anywhere from a

few days to 3 weeks. Deb is the only one we let take care of us when he's

gone. She feeds us, plays with us, cleans our boxes real well and makes sure

that Dad gets emails letting him know how we are (he worries a lot).

When we were very young there was another cat here who was pretty sick. Deb

took great care of Choosie too. Made sure he got his meds and pets.

Any human out there who wants their furry family given the best care

possible should call Deb. She's the best!

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